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Eventpreneurs share their 3 secret tips that bring them profit with platforms to sell tickets online

Eventpreneurs share their 3 secret tips that bring them profit with platforms to sell tickets online

If you throw events for your business on a constant level, then a great idea that you need to consider is selling them yourself instead of going through a third party. If you are wondering what is the best way for you to do this, then this is just the article you need to read because we are going to take the time and share some excellent tips with you. We are also going to give you information about useful platforms to sell tickets online, like Shopify, so make sure to also stay tuned for that.

Content marketing

Content management is something that you will gain a lot from, so much so that it was actually found to be the most effective B2B marketing tactic out there. There are two main ways for you to handle content marketing. The first way is for you to start a blog and fill it up with written content, images or even video content since that is a great way for you to connect to your attendees. The second way is to use contributed content like writing for different publications, as well as getting the word for your event out by sending PR. Both ways will work great, it is all about which one you are more comfortable with.

Finding a good platform

Platforms to sell tickets online are very popular, and we have to admit that there is a very good reason for that, and that is that they are dead useful. They will help you with every aspect of the ticket selling process, from building the site to the actual sales, so finding a good match for your business is the way to go. A personal favorite of ours is Shopify. Perfect for beginners, incredibly easy to use and full of features, Shopify will definitely be able to give you all the help and tools you could ever need. Shopify also offers a 14 day free trial which will allow you to see how you feel about the platform before you commit to it.

Send PR packages

We already mentioned PR a bit above, but we are going to talk about it a bit more since it can be a great strategy. All you have to do is put together a small goody bag and use the info you have of your most loyal customers, as well as some of the new customers and send these packages to them. Inside you should include information about the event and throw in some pamphlets that will tell them more about the event and what they can expect so that they get excited and want to go even more.

Now that you have seen our tips, it is time for you to get to work. Go through Shopify as one of the best platforms to sell tickets online, do the proper content marketing and send well thought through PR packages and you will surely be able to sell more tickets online and make some extra money for your business.

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