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Boost your revenue with Shopify apps that sell out your event – The best platform for selling tickets

Boost your revenue with Shopify apps that sell out your event – The best platform for selling tickets

If you are looking for the perfect platform that you can use to sell your tickets online, then as is the case with most things that have to do with ecommerce, Shopify is pretty much the best option you have. Shopify is known for its really extensive app store, so today we are going to be talking about some of the best apps that you can integrate to your ecommerce, so make sure you keep on reading.

Evey Event Management

This first app that we are going to talk about is a great one since it really makes selling your tickets online using Shopify really easy and simple. It also comes with a bunch of tools, lie PDF tickets, Passbook integration, iCal, support for exporting and importing of CVS files and more. You will also have very useful support for transferring tickets manually or even adding new attendees, you will be able to offer multiple types of tickets, add different pricing levels and so on.

Events Calendar

If your customers can’t see that you have an event coming up, it doesn’t matter that you are using one of the best platforms for selling tickets online because you won’t be able to reach the customers. This app is the perfect addition to your Shopify ecommerce. It will allow you to display all of your upcoming events on the website with a calendar that is very mobile-friendly. There are three different layout options that you can choose from and the app also comes with support for color customization, syncing with Google Calendar, 25 language options and much more.

Event slider

This is another Shopify app that will help you showcase your events with the help of a very nice slider. The customization for this app can be done very easily and you will be able to change the colors and fonts and completely customize the border. The design of the app is very responsive and it will work great on different types of devices, which is a great thing for you.

Three different Shopify apps that will really give some great extra options to your ecommerce. Make sure to go to the app store, which is one of the reasons why Shopify is one of the best platforms for selling tickets, and once you are there you will be able to see all of these apps, and the best part about them is that they are really easy to implement and you will be able to use them even without any technical knowledge.

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