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Sell Tickets Online: 7 Expert Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Planning to sell your first event online? What are the steps you need to take when promoting your event online? Here are 7 expert tips to use to sell tickets online like a pro!

Selling tickets online is the best, fastest, and smoothest way to promote your event, catch guests’ interest, and double your sales. The first thing you need to do is build your own online store. Shopify is the best solution on the market, allowing you to build your own online store, customize the store, list your upcoming events, sell on social media platforms directly, and monitor your sales.

Once you’ll build your own online ticket store, here are 7 expert tips to follow:

Double your sales and profit with common sense:

You might be wondering, how do I sell my tickets online? Well, when selling online, it is all about the right place, the right time, and the right price. You need to ensure your content is relevant to your audience, relevant in location, time, and a price that reflects its value.

An image, banner or poster speak louder than words:

You need to make your online store playful and adding images or banners is the best way to do it. If you don’t have any images, you can take a look at stock photo websites like Shutterstock or Getty Images. If your budget doesn’t allow to use stock images, try finding photos under the Creative Commons License on Flickr. This is free and easy way to make your online ticket store more attractive, visual, and boost your conversion.

Win your guests’ trust:

When purchasing something online, buyers care a lot about security and trust and one of the key factors in whether they buy something or not is understanding the refund policy. The same goes when guests or fans purchase event tickets online. You need to make sure the refund policies are clearly presented on your page so attendees know when they are purchasing the right, whether or not they can count on a refund. Beyond building trust, you can boost ticket sales by spicing up your page with some design enhancements.

Be clear and precise in what you are promoting:

Try to tell your future guests what they can expect when visiting your event. You can think of ticket names or add a ticket description that will describe all essential details. For example, when should your guests arrive? Will there be any special speakers or guests? Is there a parking space? Will they be able to get a refund?

Think about payment:

If this is your first time selling tickets online, we suppose you haven’t thought about different payment processing or payout options available. This can have a major impact on you as the payouts can be different. You may need to choose one depending on your costs and financial commitments. If you decide to use Shopify, you can choose from over 70 payment gateways available including Shopify Payments.

Collect accurate information from the start:

You need to make sure you’ve gathered the information you need from your guests so you don’t have to contact them afterward.

Don’t copy from external web pages:

You’ve chosen the right image, you have your description with an ideal layout, and you are ready to list your event. Please keep in mind that copying from external web pages is forbidden when selling online. If you copy and paste, you can cause the store to display incorrectly and you will look unprofessional.

Selling tickets online can revolutionize the success of your upcoming event. It makes so much easier for anyone interested in your event to find your store online, purchase a ticket, and stay connected with you and other attendees up to your event.

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